Sunday, March 30, 2008

Amy Winehouse virtual makeover

I found this hilarious virtual makeover for Amy Winehouse The Beauty Bunny. A Virtual makeover for Amy Winehouse... Here are the things The Bunny thinks Amy should do:
Stop smoking. Cigarettes wreak havoc on your skin, and Amy’s is showing it. While you’re at it, I’m not saying she does anything specifically, but if she did, lay off the hard drugs too. These things are a surefire way to make you look old, tired, and give your skin a gray cast with huuuuuuuuuge pores.
Ditch the lip ring. I understand Amy’s style is “rocker”, but the lip ring is more of a “I just woke up with this in my face” look.
Tone down the cat eyes. I love black liquid liner, and would never ask Amy to give it up. But using a more flattering shape and pairing it with more polished lips and face makeup would make her sultry and classically sexy, not like she forgot to wash her face after Dita Von Teese’s birthday party. She can keep her rocker spirit by adding some more intense colors to her makeup.
Chop off the beehive. I understand it’s her thing. The thing is, it’s a stupid thing. Ditch it and move on. It’s not 1965. (Besides, don’t you love my Kelly Kapowski take on her hair?)


Anonymous said...

blahhhh i love amy's style. you cant take that away.