Thursday, April 3, 2008

Katie Holme's new hair and the lovely Estelle

Katie Holmes has a new hairstyle! She can definitely pull it off, it is short and sweet and compliments her features perfectly! I saw Katie once having lunch at Fred's (Barneys New York) with her Grandmother. She was sweet, and still unaffected then, a normal girl. Now I can't help but wonder what her life with crazy Tom must be like...I found this photo in

Bauer-Griffin Online

And I am now a fan of Estelle. I love her look and her voice is great! She always has the most impeccable makeup.


Anonymous said...

and whats your look?? I want to see YOU!

BeautyPopStar said...

Hello Royalbee, even though I love makeup and beauty products, I don't wear loads everyday. I work for a fashion mag, and tend to be the one with least makeup on in the office... I do love good lipstick (Laura Mercier mostly) and am a fan of concealers (to hide my black circles) and love all things Clinique... I will post a photo of myself soon, I have to find a good one first!

Mischo Beauty said...

Love, love, love Estelle's makeup! Her eye makeup always looks so amazing! Who is her makeup artist? Do you know?